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Client List

Law Firms

Albright, Bright Yee & Schmidt (Los Angeles)
Bates & Carey (Chicago)
Baute & Tidus (Los Angeles)
Canel Davis King (Chicago)
Corr Cronin (Seattle)
Day Berry & Howard (Connecticut)
Hersh and Hersh (San Francisco)
Huddleston Bolen Porter Bailey & Copen (West Virginia)
Jacob Mendiger & Finnegan
Nossaman, Guthner, Knox & Elliot (SF Bay Area)
Leland Parachini (San Francisco)
Lerch & Sturmer (San Francisco)
Litchfield Cavo (Chicago)
Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw (Chicago)
Morgan Lewis (Chicago)
Pickrel Schaefer & Ebeling (Dayton, OH)
Sanders and Parks (Phoenix)
Shaw Pittman (Virginia)
Steinhart & Falconer (SF Bay Area)
Zevnik/Horton (Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York)
Norton and Associates (Los Angeles)
Larson King (SF Bay Area)
Resolution Law Group (SF Bay Area)
Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley (SF Bay Area)
Weily, Rein & Fielding (Washington, DC)
Zelle Hoffman Voebel Mason & Getty (Minneapolis)


Aerojet General
Davey Roofing
Dow Chemical
Gaska Tape
Eric F. Anderson Company
Goe Engineering Inc.
International Telephone and Telegraph
Joselyn Manufacturing Company
Kraft Foods
LA Laundry
Pacific Artic Navigation & Railway Co.
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Safeskin Corporation
Seeno Construction
Vulcan Materials Company
Windsor Pacific Property Management
Western Resources, Inc.
Yahoo, Inc.

Insurance companies who have retained us as expert witnesses:

Allianz Insurance Co
California State Automobile Assoc.
Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Hartford Insurance Co.
St. Paul Fire & Marine
Steadfast Insurance Co.
USAA Insurance Co.
Wausau Insurance Co.

(510) 769-8077
2nd Insight has assisted many firms including Yahoo, Kraft Foods, Mayer Brown Rowe & Raw, Morgan Lewis.

Our Clients

"Bill Cormack provided an insightful analysis that was an integral element of the tactical development of the case."

Anthony R. Zelle- Partner
Zelle McDonough

18181 Corte De Aceitunos
San Diego, CA 92128
P: (510) 769-8077
F: (510) 255-5010

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