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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How can 2nd Insight, Inc. help resolve my insurance dispute?

We are insurance coverage experts. We provide expert witness testimony in insurance coverage and "bad faith" cases - nationwide.

Should I ever consider hiring 2nd Insight, Inc. prior to the time expert witnesses need to be designated?

Absolutely Yes! We are often retained by a number of clients and law firms to give an independent pre-litigation evaluation of the strength and/or weaknesses of a coverage or bad faith case.

How can 2nd Insight, Inc. help improve my prosecution or defense or insurance cases?

We help in the preparation and questioning of witnesses for depositions. In this age of video depositions we have found that our client’s have benefited greatly from our inside experience on how to question insurance personnel. The deposition of insurance company personnel is absolutely critical to the success or failure of a bad faith case. We know the right questions to ask, so please don’t go into a key deposition without our feedback!

We also provide negotiation services. We have successfully negotiated many cases and we have specific have experience with most of the major insurers and their claim departments. We know which insurers tend to be reasonable and which ones are not. These insurers tend to follow fairly predicable patterns, which is critical to know if you want to resolve your case quickly and successfully for your client.

Why are the consultants at 2nd Insight, Inc. unique?

  • We provide resolutions and results for protracted and difficult insurance coverage disputes.
  • We have personally handled and managed thousands of insurance claims beginning in the 70’s and into the present day.
  • We have both been responsible for the handling and negotiation of some of the largest and most complex insurance coverage cases in the last three decades.
  • We know what custom and practice is with respect to claim handling practices in the insurance industry because we have lived and breathed it as real claim handlers and managers.

Why did you start 2nd Insight, Inc.?

While at Wausau insurance, we were responsible for the hiring of insurance coverage experts; we were rarely satisfied with the quality of the services they provided. Generally the price for the services was very high, and the work product and testimony were lacking. We were confident that we could provide a very high quality of work and deliver excellent results.

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2nd Insight, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions - Negotiating Services, Insurance Claim Help, Support Service Litigation

Our Clients

"David Frangiamore and Bill Cormack were true professionals, providing the type of thorough and on-point analysis that a litigator needs from an expert witness."

John D. Shugrue- Partner
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

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San Diego, CA 92128
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